Awesome love stories from anime movies

Published: 23rd March 2010
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Almost all anime series have their own stories of love between heroes and surely all these heroes differ from each other, therefore their relations as wel distinguishing. But there are some fancied love couples from anime series which most of us enjoy, by that reason we have an opportunity to detect lots of discussions about these couples or simply discover some free wallpapers of these pairs.

Here we created a list of the most beautiful stories of love from anime movies, but don't be annoyed if your loved heroes didn't get into this listing, because maybe you will detect them here next time.

So are you ready to discover the best couples from anime movies that are often argued and pictures or wallpapers of which you have a chance to detect almost everywhere? As we are ready to begin it!

On the eighth place you can see a pair from such anime movie as "Rurouni Kenshin", you could for now detect that they are Kaoru and Kenshin. This story of love is very usual, but it isn't dull by that cause. They pretend they feel nothing about each other, but everybody knows that it's not true and expect when they show their actual feelings to each other.

On our seventh position you have an opportunity to detect a story of love of Spike and Julia, a couple from "Cowboy Bebop" anime movie. Their love story is not ordinary by reason that it is truly hard to name it "a story of love" at all, Spike travels our galaxy to make what he can do the best and Julia is every time near him and it seems that they ought to be together once and for all but all life occasions and events are always in opposition of them.

On the sixth place you can see several pairs from "Tanchi Moyo!" anime movie. In short, all these love stories have a chance to be called "Techi and his harem". Yes, this story is not so keen as a love story between two persons, but if you watch this anime movie you will detect what's so original in these strange relationships between persons.

On the fifth stage discover your fancied characters from "Love Hina" anime series , the initial plot of this series discovers young boy Keitaro who loved one female from his childhood and by that reason he entered Tokyo University. But the subject is in the fact that he can't tell the name of his sweetheart.

On the fourth position you have a chance to discover Ai and Yota from "Video Girl Ai" anime series. Yota detected that his beloved person doesn't love him and to entertain himself he was trying to make a video, there he met Ai and they felt in love with each other, but Ai is just a video girl who has an ability to disappear for ever after a period of usage.

Third position we gave to Miaka and Tamahome from "Fushigi Yuugi". On the second stage you can detect a pair from "Dragonball Z" anime movie, Bulma and Vegeta.

And on the first place you have an opportunity to discover a pair from a very notable anime film, desktop wallpapers of which you have an opportunity to detect practically everywhere, we are speaking about "Sailor Moon" anime series and about a great couple of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

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